Ally Lester, Sydney Writer and Content Creator : Web Portfolio

Web Portfolio

I've been dipping my toe into web design for several years now. I'm skilled at tweaking and editing existing templates on various platforms (especially Wordpress and Squarespace), attacking the backend HTML and CSS codes to make free and paid themes work the way people want.

If you're after a simple adjustment to an existing website on any platform, some custom content for your social media pages, or anything else in that sort of realm, contact me for a quick chat.

Case Studies

RAW Fashion Agency - Blog + Portfolio

I redesigned the RAW website pro-bono as my first freelance gig in September 2014. Director Faith Agugu asked for a fresh, clean look implementing a rustic textured 'Tiffany Blue' background.

With budget in mind, I chose the Blogoma Wordpress theme and altered it to suit RAW's style. I added social media widgets and affiliate links, and tidied up existing pages and navigation to make the site more user-friendly.

Rosy Lee Version 1 - My personal blog

Rosy Lee is my personal blog, designed 'Magazine style' as a lifestyle guide for local young people and launched in October 2014.

I'm extremely picky with the way my template (Version 1 is Truemag on Wordpress) is laid out so I have made lots of tiny adjustments in the CSS and added my own touch with graphics and widgets.

I've monetised the site by partnering with various ad and commission networks, but made sure to carefully select banners and creatives that will suit the site's style as well as my own interests.

I have since installed a new theme on Rosy Lee... I just like playing with things!

Sans Icarus - Mark Riboldi Portfolio

Mark hired me in October 2014 to complete some updates on his personal site. Sans Icarus is an ongoing project as I assist Mark with updating his blog and portfolio, and learning the tricks and tips to best utilise the flexible and animated Salient theme for Wordpress.

I'm also working with Mark as web consultant on one of his client's projects.

Games Lab social media profiles feature the website's front page motif.
Older Games Lab websites and content were combined to create a new page with a more professional style.

Games Lab - Sydney Game Dev Studio

The 2014 Games Lab website was created to compile the companies' two previous websites (one a corporate website, and one a more casual blog to showcase their mobile apps) and also advertise their game design and art services.

After roughing a few different design ideas with various templates and arranging new and existing content into menus and pages for ease of navigation, I handed over to the Games Lab Art Director who Photoshopped a detailed mockup of the future homepage as he imagined it.

Working from the layered PSD, I utilised the Squarespace 'Montauk' template for its gallery functionalities, plus some custom CSS and HTML to adjust the layout to suit the Art Director's vision.

I also provided some new copy, and updated existing copy that I'd written for the older websites.

 I created the content for a Kickstarter campaign launched by Bad Bunny in August 2014.

I created the content for a Kickstarter campaign launched by Bad Bunny in August 2014.

Bad Bunny Comics - Indie Comic Creators

The Bad Bunny website was created to showcase their current and upcoming digital comic releases. I designed this basic website in Squarespace using the Marquee template and a few CSS tweaks to showcase the gorgeous full-width images in a modern parallax format.

Bad Bunny's style called for some casual and somewhat irreverent copy, so I turned the zany up to eleven.

"Final War 5 Dragons" Game

I used the Aviator template in Squarespace as a basis for the 5 Dragons website and collaborated with the game's Production Lead to echo the appearance of the mobile app. I also worked in a few button rollovers with pure CSS and added some responsive elements for the mobile version of the site. 

As the game was released under the Games Lab studio banner, I created a custom Zendesk support page with assets from the Games Lab website.