Ally Lester, Sydney Writer and Content Creator : Community Management

Social and Community

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In October 2014, a month after signing up as a pet sitter, I started managing the social media presence for Pet-Sitting Community Pawshake's launch in Australia and New Zealand.

Pawshake boasts an international community on Facebook of over 50K, and over 1000 Australian pet sitters had already signed up two months after the site's local launch.

As the 'Australian Ambassador' I created Instagram (above) and Twitter accounts with the username @pawshakeau and hashtag #pawshakepets, and assisted other Pawshake bloggers all over the world with setting up their own social accounts based upon the best practices I'd learned in Australia.

I wrote a weekly blog (posted via a Drupal portal) and designed and printed Pawshake business cards, flyers and t-shirts.

In January I hired a Melbourne ambassador to assist with social and marketing in Victoria. I also stepped into a larger role at Pawshake as a social media consultant for all of the international Pawshake ambassadors, as well as being the first contact for English-speaking customer service on Zendesk.

As Global Conversations Manager, I created a wiki space in Confluence for the international community managers to collaborate and share best practices, and posted documentation for new community managers to reference.

Currently I'm setting up a monthly Mailchimp newsletter template and writing a detailed social media strategy and schedule for the community managers to follow, as I'm handing my reigns to the Melbourne ambassador and taking a back seat on the Pawshake wagon for the moment.

Games Lab and Slots Central

In my previous full-time role at Games Lab, I managed the creation and curation of the Support and Fan Page communities for the Facebook/iOS/Android game, Slots Central. I worked closely with the entire team throughout the creation of the casino app, with many of my suggestions making it through to the final game.

Slots Central and its Support network went live in November 2012. As the sole member of the social media and support team, posting and interacting daily, I saw the Slots Central Fan Page grow to over 80,000 members.

After bringing on a Customer Support Technician in mid 2013, my responsibilities moved to a supervisory role on Slots Central Support so I could focus on other Games Lab projects.

As of August 2014, the Slots Central Fan Page had over 120,000 members. Between the two agents, we'd answered over 8,000 Support tickets and questions, posted over 70 FAQ and Support articles and created catchy copy to promote the release of a new game or feature once a month.